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What a ride the last several days have been.  The excitement and anticipation mixed with feelings of nervousness and even fear.

Doing it afraid got it’s test this weekend.  Thanks be to God for the victory!

The Gallery Grand Opening was amazing and I was asked to write the news release.  I enjoyed the challenge and will post a link to it when it is published this week.  I am waiting for pictures of opening night and will post them as well.

My newsletter was finally completed and went out last week.  I have had great response from it and thanks to everyone who has signed up.  If you missed it you can view it here and sign up. 

Most exciting is introducing Carley to the world!

shalomyall1Her site is under construction but will be changing weekly with new additions and notices of products that will be available very soon.  Stop by check her out and leave your comments or questions.  She is working on her first contest right now so keep in touch!

I think I hear her calling me right now, oh boy, back to the drawing board!



Smile and Bless Someone Today!


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The Island Art Gallery in Litchfield Exchange in Pawleys Island, SC is having their Grand Opening this Saturday, April 25th from 5pm to 8:30pm.  If you are in town please stop by and chat with some of the most talented local artists as well as myself, and view their beautiful work.

Read about it here.100_0042

All of my work can also be viewed and purchased online at my Etsy Store, using Paypal!

I just completed another Modello stencil project.  How cool is this.  




My 2nd issue of my newsletter is about to hit the cyber wave!

Be sure to sign up here!  The revealing of my new venture will be on there!

Share your thoughts here and check the other artists work under the blog roll to the right.

Smile and Bless Someone Today!


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This blog has always been intended to share my art with you as well as my thoughts.  The two cross paths all the time.  Business has been slow for me but there is no lack in things to do.  So I thought I would share 3 ways I stay busy.

1) So you find that your business is slow.  You have time on your hands. Time is precious.  Spend it with someone.  You can talk a walk, talk, encourage, share experiences and spend time talking about the great things in life.  Even in these difficult times we have so much to be thankful for.  Share it with others.

2) I just bet there has been something on your plate you have wanted to do,volunteer, research, put into action, but you’ve been busy in the past.  What better time than now!  Maybe you wanted to be creative, paint, write, or join a group.  Do it!  Sitting around worrying about what is going to happen isn’t doing anything but clouding up your mind and heart with despair.  Start something!  You just might inspire others and wouldn’t that be a great thing!

3) What are you doing with what you do have?  Instead of wasting time thinking about what you don’t have, look at what you do have.  What can you do with it?  Clean out the old stuff, rearrange the furniture, give away something you love to someone who needs a lift, plant something, get your hands dirty, go take someone’s dog for a walk, offer to help a neighbor with chores.  I could go on but I think you get the point.

We have become a society that wants instant gratification, or wants to blame someone for our situation, or wants someone to just drop happiness in our lap.  Maybe now we might start thinking about getting back to basics.  

We were not created to be remote islands.  We were created to love.  Just go ahead and put in on!  Then get out there and share it!

Smile and Bless Someone Today

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I found this picture searching images on the web.  I loved it!  

I have just finished a awesome book I have spoke about many time here, “Drawing Near” by John Bevere.  It took my about 8 months to get through it.  It involves, at least for me, some heavy studying, a lot of soul searching, much truth and much revelation.  I learned and applied so many things.  

I morning not long ago, I felt this absolute desire to pray, in the Spirit.  It was the very first time that as I prayed, and although I could hear myself, it was as if I was away from myself.  It speaking coming out of my mouth was fluent, full of peace, beautiful. But there was something else happening.  That small voice inside me began to speak.  “Put on the full armor of God, Put on the full armor of God, Put on the full armor.  Put your helmet of Salvation on, protect your mind as there will be things that try to come against your your thoughts.  Your thoughts are for me and of me.  Do My will.  Protect yourself, Put on your Helmet! I am with you!

Put of your Breastplate of righteousness!  Protect your heart.  There will be discouragement, things will try to come against you to try to bring discouragement to the things I have for you to do.  Do not be disheartened.  Put on your Breastplate.  I am with you!

Put on your shoes of Peace.  Stand firm I am with you!  Without your shoes, commendation, chaos, stress, worry will come to you. Put on your shoes of Peace and Stand Firm!  I am with you!

Put on your Belt of Truth!  I am The Truth, know Me.  Come to Me.  Live with Me.  Involve me.  I have a great work for you.  If you know Me, you will know Truth.  Put on you Belt of Truth! I am with you!

Put on your Shield of Faith.  It will extinguish those arrows of the one who has evil intent for you.  Stand firm and raise you Shield of Faith.  I am with you!

Put on and hold on to the Sword of the Spirit!  I am the Word!  Know my Word for it will protect you, guide you, hold you close to me.  If you will draw near to me, I will draw near to you.  Put on the Sword of the Spirit!  I am with you!

I am so thankful that I am allowed to hear, to understand, to be close to Him.  I want to be covered by Him and I want to soar with Him. I want to draw nearer.

Put on Your Armor!  We have battles to fight and He promises, He is with us!

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Yesterday was a very productive day.  Finished 3 projects!

I seem to be on a roll, every morning when I finally have the minimum 3 cups of coffee, and my eyes seem to come into focus, I just can’t wait to get to work.  My husband has always complained on how long it takes me to get ready.  He just doesn’t understand. Getting ready in the morning includes much more than the clean-up.  Study with God, reading, updates, notes for the day, Joyce Meyer show on TV, and 30 minutes of Fox News. ( I gotta fit exercise in there still!)  So needless to say my morning starts around 5 am, sometimes earlier.

I am excited to post these finished pieces!  You can purchase on the my Etsy Store

In My Father’s Lap Pendant

Seasons of Color


Second Chance
100_0036These were inspired by just getting in the studio, allowing myself a creative pass in which I had no direction, no plan, and allowed the work to build, layer by layer.  I am very happy with the results.  

What do you think?

On another note:

The update on the upcoming line to be unveiled soon.  There have been a couple of delays, it always happens doesn’t it.  But it’s an opportunity to make sure everything is just the way it is suppose to be.  He always has His reasons even though I may not understand.  

A prayer I always say is “Lord, keep me hemmed in. Please stay in front of me and behind me, above me and below me.  Don’t let me get 10 feet in front of You or 10 feet behind You.  I need You.  Without You, I am nothing and can do nothing, but with You, I can do all things You call me to do.  I love You.”

Smile and Bless Someone Today!

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I am so excited to be a winner on Rebecca Parsons Blog: http://cre8tiva.blogspot.com

Go by and read her post.  It was so great.  How do you build your wings?

My Comment:


Carla J Schuchman said…
Happy 3rd!   

How did I build my wings? Yet not fully developed, and perhaps not until I am called home…it is through obedience. Through hearing and hearing through the Word. Through experiences and how I react to each one. Through prayer and asking to spread them. Through love for this is the greatest of all.

I had a dream many years ago, it is still as fresh today as them, I was learning to fly. At first I was scared, not going to far up, clumsy, flapping crazy. But then one morning I arose, I looked around and I knew…..I took off, soaring, I saw the land I live in, I flew to other lands, I soared as High as I could and when I woke I knew I had soared high above it all.

I have not had a dream like that since, but I remember, He came me the Grace and Ability to Soar, not alone, but always with Him.

Love you,

Check out her blog to read all the great comments!

And this is what I won:


I just love it!

Thanks Rebecca!


Thanks for stopping by, be sure to leave your comments and check out all the great blogs on my blogroll!

Smile and Bless someone today!

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