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Working My Way Back

To all those who have honored me in following my blogs and sending your prayers, thank you so much.

Please don’t give up on me.

This has been a very difficult time for our family.  Although I have slowly began to get back to work, taking on projects and working in the studio, it is a slow process.  I was thinking back over the last four years and our family has really been hit hard.  We have lost 6 immediate family members, 4 others have been in serious accidents but all but one have recovered well, the economy hit us very hard forcing us to make hard decisions and change the way we live, and now I have taken on another role of caregiver.

For those who do not know, we lost our son on September 4th this year.  It had been very hard to accept but we are beginning to make progress with the Lord’s guiding hand.  We have been surrounded by so many that loved him.  Several people put together 2 separate benefits which were wonderful to help raise money to pay for final expenses.  Our family is so thankful to all who helped us during this time.  Austin was loved by many and will live on through all of us.

My love, Smokey, is still recovering from his accident back in March.  Still having problems with his lungs and now hoping that all will be okay and ready for the next surgery, number 4, tentatively scheduled November 2nd.

It is said that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and that the Lord never gives us more than we can handle.  If you know me then you already know that I believe God’s Word.  All of it.  Even those parts I don’t understand or like!  I have made that choice to believe, have faith in, trust, rely on and lean on God.  So to act or do differently would be going against that choice.

I am not sure what to do, or rather, what God has for me to do from here.  But I am ready.


Guide and direct me,

Hem me in Your love and protection,

Have mercy and show me Your grace,

Show me way You would have me go,

And then help me go You way.

In Jesus Holy Name,






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The Benefit Run on June 13th 2010 was wonderful! Thanks to our daughter Nacole and our friends Robin, Dan and everyone at the Rebar and all the stops who helped make this happen.
We are so very thankful!
God Bless You All!

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This blog has always been intended to share my art with you as well as my thoughts.  The two cross paths all the time.  Business has been slow for me but there is no lack in things to do.  So I thought I would share 3 ways I stay busy.

1) So you find that your business is slow.  You have time on your hands. Time is precious.  Spend it with someone.  You can talk a walk, talk, encourage, share experiences and spend time talking about the great things in life.  Even in these difficult times we have so much to be thankful for.  Share it with others.

2) I just bet there has been something on your plate you have wanted to do,volunteer, research, put into action, but you’ve been busy in the past.  What better time than now!  Maybe you wanted to be creative, paint, write, or join a group.  Do it!  Sitting around worrying about what is going to happen isn’t doing anything but clouding up your mind and heart with despair.  Start something!  You just might inspire others and wouldn’t that be a great thing!

3) What are you doing with what you do have?  Instead of wasting time thinking about what you don’t have, look at what you do have.  What can you do with it?  Clean out the old stuff, rearrange the furniture, give away something you love to someone who needs a lift, plant something, get your hands dirty, go take someone’s dog for a walk, offer to help a neighbor with chores.  I could go on but I think you get the point.

We have become a society that wants instant gratification, or wants to blame someone for our situation, or wants someone to just drop happiness in our lap.  Maybe now we might start thinking about getting back to basics.  

We were not created to be remote islands.  We were created to love.  Just go ahead and put in on!  Then get out there and share it!

Smile and Bless Someone Today

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Alright, how do you do it all?  I write about being balanced but can’t even seem to master one phase of it.  

I spoke with a dear friend yesterday and she was explaining to me the time that needed to be spent networking, checking out the info highway, commenting, chatting.  I thought my cell phone was attached to my hip, is your computer?  

I suppose it is what you are focusing on at the time.  I want to blog, I believe I have something to share with folks.  We are not alone out here.  I want to share my work.  My work is my life.  My art.  It may be a project I have been hired to do or it may be a task God has given me to do.  Either way, He is in it.  All of it.  

I want to blog, I want to network, I want to see my work sell.  I also want to have a life, like, with my family.  My grand kids.  I want to enjoy what time I have.  We are not guaranteed tomorrow, or even the rest of today.  And it’s difficult to find peace and enjoy life with all this stuff happening in our world.  But it can be done, with His help.  See, I just don’t believe I can do anything without Him in the forefront of my life.  I have tried it way to many times.  But you know, every time I, on purpose, include Him in my decisions, or include Him in my thoughts or just start my morning off saying, “Hey God, thanks so much for being with me.  I need You, and I love You.”  Well, the day can go so much better.  He is there, I acknowledge Him.  

I have had my grandson ignore me when I came home.  I’ll walk in, so happy and excited to see him, and he is to involved in what he is doing.  Even though I have been out of town, and haven’t seen him in over a week, what he is doing at that moment is far to important to leave to run to me.  I understand, I do, he’s just a kid, but it hurts just a little too.  I want him to come running to me shouting “Nana, Nana!”  Then go back to his playing…..just acknowledge me.  I can’t believe, after everything God has done for me, and I’m a grown -up, that I can still forget, or be too busy, or not what to stop long enough to just acknowledge Him.

So I want to do all this stuff, but time doesn’t allow me to.  Time for God and Family, friends and work, dreams and pursuits, and rest.

Perhaps you could share how you do it, or don’t!  **wink**

Love to hear for you!

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I know I think to much.  I think about everything.  From the moment my brain says, “it’s morning, let’s hit it!”  throughout the entire day.

Since both of my folks have moved on to The higher place, I have discovered more about myself.  That for some reason seems relative.

 Friends, for starters.  You think you are friends with someone only to discover it’s really only superficial.  You have been putting in your heart and soul in the relationship, but the other party, well, left you in the dust.  You just don’t fit anymore.  At first it hurt.  You missed the friendship.  But then you realize time changes all things.  And God has a season for everything.  That season is up and He is moving you on.  You better catch up, but don’t get ahead of Him either.

Easier said than done.  

Then there are those you never thought would be your friends.  There they are.  It’s their time, their season.  Oh and how wonderful it is in new relationships, learning new things, sharing experiences.  I am thankful God has everything under control.  We are made for relationships. Ones that will encourage and uplift us.  Ones that we can pour into as well.  Even though I have been perfectly content to be alone, my family, my work, God has better plans.  He is so cool!

Speaking of work, there is either a lot of it or none at all.  Man these times are sticky!  Right now I find myself putting in a lot of time, wanting to do so much more with my artwork, having to balance everything.  Then there is home life.  Right now I’m staying busy there too.   My husband has recently learned that he has 2 blockages, one in each leg.  100% at that.  Geez, it never ends!  He will have bypass on both legs in March.  Instead of dreading it, we are looking forward to it.  He will be able to walk with no pain, take Sadi Girl walking, play more with the grands.  Yes, it will be good.  Oh, and BTW:  Sadi’s surgery was a success.  No cancer!   Thank You Jesus!


So I’m working, a lot, out of town, Smokey  can’t do much, no driving, no lifting, NO CLEANING, (LOL), his Mom lives with us…….she does almost nothing!  No I mean it, almost nothing.  Yes, she’s older, yes, she can’t do as much as she once could, but SHE DOES NOTHING!  To keep her trying to do things for herself, we ask her to do simple things, like, fix her own plate, put her trash in the trash can and when she seems really motivated, she will water some plants.  She likes to shop, so there is never a problem getting her out!  LOL MORE!  She also likes stuff.  Stuff everywhere.  I don’t like stuff.  I like organization.  Clean, neat, not a lot of STUFF!

I am having a yard sale soon.  As soon as I go through everything, everywhere!  Yesterday some furniture went in the pile.  Oh how wonderful! My Living Room opened up.  The small space looked so big.  First thing Mom says, “I want a rocking chair right here.”  ***sigh**** 

Now I must catch up on office work.  Not including all the computer time I need to catch up on.  I have been wanting to move rooms around in the house and studio, but with the limited time I am here, I just make messes.  It will happen, soon.

I’ll catch up with you  mid-week so check back!  I am moving forward with the new products in the new company.  Clothing, jewelry, tote bags, greeting cards, ACEO cards….  I can’t wait to get my hands in the stuff!  

All things worth while,sometimes, take time to grow.  Relax, don’t rush, live life and smile!  Bless someone today, OKAY!

Love and hugs,


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Happy Birthday Babe

Happy Birthday to my Smokey!  SuperSanta!Super Santa

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It’s almost the New Year.  As I sit and think about all the other new year eve’s past, I wonder, how could I be sitting in the same place again this year?  I don’t mean financially, that’s ok I suppose, I don’t mean spiritually, that has grown.  I mean in my private family life.  You put this face on, ones that are close, really close, know the truth.  “Everything is fine”, smile, wake up every morning and pull myself together to make a good day.  A day God would be pleased with.  I don’t accomplish that usually, however, I always set out to do so.  When I fall short, which I do, I rise up again and make a go at it again.  I have always been this way. Sure, I have many days that getting out of bed is truely the hardest task.  Yet I always seem to come back around.  It’s not me though, and this I know.  It’s God, it’s Jesus, the Holy Spirit yanking at my heart and encouraging me to keep going.  Sometimes I feel so lost, and he always reminds me that He will always find me.

These last few months have been difficult to say the least and all in all I think I am doing pretty good.  I did ask to walk through everything with His Grace on me.  On one of the days I didn’t get out of bed, the room was very dark despite the fact it was a beautiful sunny day outside.  I had the blinds drawn up about a foot.  As I laid there, trying to talk myself into just a shower, I noticed something, or rather God revealed it to me.  Most of my paintings come that way you see.  There I lay in this room of slate blue tones, and the blinds drawn just enough for the bright sunshine to come through. I could see the winter wore trees, their silhoulettes standing firm in the light.  My mind went to a song I love by Sugerland called I Will Stand Back Up.  There’s this one part that she sings, “and when the darkness tries to get me, there’s a Light that just won’t let me”.  In that He showed me, He won’t let me.  There is a Light that just won’t let me.  I got up, showered and treated myself to another day off.  Only this time, I smiled.  I smiled because He came to me again and reminded me, He is always with me.

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