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What do you think about having a virtual studio tour?  Post pics or video of your studio in it’s different stages of life.  They do seem to take a life of their own at times, don’t they!?  I will go first!  It’s not fancy, has inadequate light and is usually transforming daily.  Let me know what you think of this idea!  Right now I must go to a Dr’s appointment, but I’ll get started on this when I get back.  

Please leave your comments!

Oh, and remember, Smile and Bless someone Today!


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You know, sometimes I think when.. WHEN.. when will I get that breakthrough!  Just when you think it’s coming, something changes.  Something happens.  The road you thought was going to lead to your dreams becoming reality is only just another stepping stone.  Another side road in the journey.  

Why in the world would you think that things will just fall into place without a hitch?  There are things to learn along the way.  You need wisdom, guidance, direction………God!

Okay, so I’m off on another journey.  They always, and I do mean always have a reason that right now I might not being able to wrap my brain around, but I will.  But who wants to?  Don’t we just want what we want when we want it?  I do!  That’s the problem.  Enjoy the journey or get your panties in a wad.  The latter may possibly be uncomfortable.  We go there anyway.  Maybe, just maybe I will work on enjoying the journey.  Or maybe digging my way out of the wad.

Let you know…………

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