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Good Friday Morning!  It’s one week away.  


The Island Art Gallery Grand Re-Opening in it’s new location!                    

The Village Shops

Hwy 17

Pawleys Island, SC

September 4, 2009  6-8:30pm






And I have finished another painting, started another and have some interesting projects in the studio!







Morning Light

Oil on Canvas

20 x 24 Framed








The new painting I have started is this wonderful sky scape:



I have just started this one along with two projects in the studio!

000_0056_11      000_0057_11





David, above is added leg extensions to the legs of bed frames.

I am putting the prime coat on these cornices that will be finished in a crocodile faux finish.  Here’s the sample:


This is an amazing project.  40 feet of cornice finished like the above.  I’ll bring you progress reports as it unfolds.

It’s going to be so cool!

Thanks for stopping by.  Please feel free to comment or ask questions on any of my posts or projects!  

Smile and Bless Someone Today!


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Bay Watch

Oil on canvas

Framed Size Approximately 20″ x 24″


Can be purchased online on My Etsy Shop or at The Island Art Gallery in Pawleys Island, SC



New frames make enhance these White Egret paintings…


White Egret 2

Acrylic on Canvas

Approximate Framed Size 18″ X 15″


Can be purchased online on My Etsy Shop or at The Island Art Gallery in Pawleys Island, SC




White Egret 1

Acrylic on Canvas

Textured with palette knife

Approximate Framed Size 18″ x 15″


Can be purchased online on My Etsy Shop or at The Island Art Gallery in Pawleys Island, SC



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I took an art class from our very own Betsy McDonald at the Island Art Gallery this last week.  A busy week of painting and moving the gallery to it’s new home!

Here are some picks of the class!





I am finishing my paintings today and will try out some frames later.  

They are 16 x 20 Oil

They will be available for purchase at the Island Art Gallery and online http://carlaschuchman.etsy.com

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I finally completed the Mac store and it looks great!  I am so stoked how the finish came out.





This is a combination of materials.  Black venetian plaster, Modern Masters metalic silver, silver and hologram foils.  Hey Apple, I can create this for you in your stores!  Hint Hint!

The other project, the Pennseveana Dutch chest finished out beautiful.  I was happy, client was happy, all is well!



Turned out great don’t you think?!

Thanks for checking in and checking out what I am up to.  I just got a call for the go ahead on a textured finish in a Master bedroom.  I am actually going over a previous finish I designed for the client who owned the house before.

This is what is there now…




And this is what we are doing over this.  The texture on the right but in the color on the left.  Two great finishes.  Just sorry I have to go over a beautiful finish with another, but I am so thankful for the work, if you know what I mean!


That’s what is going on in my faux world. (Faux world, yeah, that would be something! LOL)

I finished two new paintings and getting great response, love to hear what you think and if you know someone who might be interested please have them contact me.  


Palmetto Pride

24″ X 72″

Acrylic on Canvas


palm pride


Summer Set

12″ X 48″

Acrylic on Canvas


Don’t forget to get your Carleysense for the day and check out what Carley is up to now.

Thanks for stopping in!

Smile and Bless Someone Today!

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The Island Art Gallery in Litchfield Exchange in Pawleys Island, SC is having their Grand Opening this Saturday, April 25th from 5pm to 8:30pm.  If you are in town please stop by and chat with some of the most talented local artists as well as myself, and view their beautiful work.

Read about it here.100_0042

All of my work can also be viewed and purchased online at my Etsy Store, using Paypal!

I just completed another Modello stencil project.  How cool is this.  




My 2nd issue of my newsletter is about to hit the cyber wave!

Be sure to sign up here!  The revealing of my new venture will be on there!

Share your thoughts here and check the other artists work under the blog roll to the right.

Smile and Bless Someone Today!


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Yesterday was a very productive day.  Finished 3 projects!

I seem to be on a roll, every morning when I finally have the minimum 3 cups of coffee, and my eyes seem to come into focus, I just can’t wait to get to work.  My husband has always complained on how long it takes me to get ready.  He just doesn’t understand. Getting ready in the morning includes much more than the clean-up.  Study with God, reading, updates, notes for the day, Joyce Meyer show on TV, and 30 minutes of Fox News. ( I gotta fit exercise in there still!)  So needless to say my morning starts around 5 am, sometimes earlier.

I am excited to post these finished pieces!  You can purchase on the my Etsy Store

In My Father’s Lap Pendant

Seasons of Color


Second Chance
100_0036These were inspired by just getting in the studio, allowing myself a creative pass in which I had no direction, no plan, and allowed the work to build, layer by layer.  I am very happy with the results.  

What do you think?

On another note:

The update on the upcoming line to be unveiled soon.  There have been a couple of delays, it always happens doesn’t it.  But it’s an opportunity to make sure everything is just the way it is suppose to be.  He always has His reasons even though I may not understand.  

A prayer I always say is “Lord, keep me hemmed in. Please stay in front of me and behind me, above me and below me.  Don’t let me get 10 feet in front of You or 10 feet behind You.  I need You.  Without You, I am nothing and can do nothing, but with You, I can do all things You call me to do.  I love You.”

Smile and Bless Someone Today!

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It has been a very busy couple of weeks.  All is well in Artsong’s World.

My husband is having major surgery tomorrow, so please keep him in your prayers.

I have been working like crazy, by God’s lead of course, to get work ready for The Island Gallery.  I have put many pieces in there that  you can see on my website and Etsy Shop.  I have added a few new pieces as well.  I am stretching my wings into other areas and it’s been so fun creating new stuff.

Here’s a sample:


and another:



Here is a fun whimsical piece:


These and others will be on the Etsy Shop, http://carlaschuchman.etsy.com  to purchase by tomorrow.

I am working on several other pieces.

And the Big Reveal for my new line will be out in about 2 weeks, so check back!  You are going to love this!

Smile Today and Bless Someone!

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