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Diversify!  Diversify!

I have found in our countries economic chaos, that my ability to diversify and more over, my willingness to do so is what actually keeps the wheel rolling.  We are definitely hitting a rocky road, but pulling together with others, finding other outlets for our work and sometimes even doing jobs that just aren’t attractive keep us going.

My dear friend Terri Harris of Harris Arts and I have joined forces to tackle this opportunity together!


She has some of the most awesome ideas for cabinetry and furniture and we are working on creating samples here.



I met with one of my favorite designers yesterday and we have two pieces to put some unique finishes on.  I will keep you up to date on these.  You’ll love them!

















Here are a few finished pieces she has done.  

100_1714        100_1717

  Are these beautiful or what!?












I am so excited to work with Terri again.  We have worked together on other jobs over the last few years and not only having we completed the projects in less time, but it has provided an atmosphere for us to learn from each other.  We have different ideas, different areas of expertise, different training and by coming together not only do we have a blast, we also are expanding our own knowledge and abilities.  We keep each other going.  We lift each other up.  We encourage one another!








Recently I have changed my display at the gallery my fine art is in.  I have removed some pieces that just seem to be getting too much attention and distract from the ones that are more relative to the galleries expression.  (Wow, did I just say that like that?)


Here is what the new display looks like.  And for those who can stop by, we are:

The Island Art Gallery

At The Village Shops

Hwy 17

Pawleys Island, SC




Also I so enjoy keeping Carley busy!  That blog is growing in size and in followers.


We are doing God’s work!  

Not only is it great reading material that helps us put things in proper perspective, there is some fun artwork and cool merchandise available.  I am steady working on some new designs that will blow you away.  And we are offering wholesale prices to ministries who want to use Carley Stuf for fundraising!  It’s a must check out place.  I have decided to tackle learning HTML and figure out how to do some design work.  I am only learning and reading right now.  I will let you know when I am actually brave enough to design something.  Here is a peak at Carley and me, go check her out!






As you can see I am staying busy staying busy.  Oh my I almost forgot.  I am about to launch a new blog site dedicated to the painting, In My Father’s Lap.  I finishing up my testimony and that will be published by the first of next week!  This we be a place to share your story, your testimony and for those who this painting has spoken to, to tell the world what the Lord has shared with you through this painting.  Many have already purchase prints and other items of In My Father’s Lap and the testimony they give is simply amazing and encouraging.  I would them for them to share these stories and this will be a place to do so.  I will be adding a page displaying items for purchase and ministry fundraising ideas.  Watch it grow and bookmark it to come back to and share with those you love!

In My Fathers Lap  


  Thanks for stopping my and check back soon.  

  We are really busy!

  Smile and Bless Someone Today!

  God Bless You!


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Getting ready to add another new listing in my Etsy Shop!  And I am working on 5, yes 5 more pieces in the studio.  Ouuuuu can’t wait to finish.

Here is this one!


This is a framed print of In My Father’s Lap.  Don’t you think is came out great!  I love it!

Here is a look at how the Gallery display looks.  There is so much wonderful art in this place.  I am honored to be represented next to them!


So very exciting!  

I am creating a new blog, out very soon for the big reveal of the recent project I have been working on for some time.  Ya’ll gotta come back and check it out.

Smile today and bless someone!

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It’s Sunday!  I love going to church!  Finally yesterday I actually got alot accomplished.  It’s amazing that once you get started, half the battle is won.

I am working on finishing new wooden chairs to look old. Also putting together materials for my next project. I did not work on my website, but I thought alot about it, does that count?

I am so blessed to have some work.  I have long periods of time in between projects and should be painting, I always seem to busy myself with something else.  I will share with you the struggles of an artist.  Well, this artist!  Some are able to paint just for the sheer joy of it, all painting should be that way.  For me it became my job, its how I earn a living and I am so glad I get to do what I do.  It’s as if everything in my world has to be just right before I can pick up that paintbrush and create those visions God has given me.  I’m working on that, or should I say We are working on that.  I know I would not be able to do any of this without Him.  He is my reason, He is the why, how and when.  

If only I would catch up!


Below is one of the first paintings God has moved me to paint.  Prints are available!

In My Fathers Lap

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