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Just finished this painting.  I love the way it came out and God gave me the name this morning!

Do Not Doubt  James 1:6

2′ x 4′ Gallery Wrap

Finished Edges

Mixed Media

James 1:6

But when he asks, he must believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.

Love it!  Thank You Lord


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The Benefit Run on June 13th 2010 was wonderful! Thanks to our daughter Nacole and our friends Robin, Dan and everyone at the Rebar and all the stops who helped make this happen.
We are so very thankful!
God Bless You All!

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If you haven’t read about the trials that we are dealing with lately, please visit carleysense and read the last 3 posts.

We are be blessed by God’s Amazing Grace and His love surrounding us in this time of adveristy.
Please pass this around as well as we want others to be encouraged by lifted up.

God never leaves us. He loves us so much.

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Every now and then I have to post something other than my art.  This is about the most wonderful Artist.  It’s about a movie about the most wonderful Artist.  Read on, and God Bless You.


Has anybody seen the movie, The Perfect Gift by Jefferson Moore.  I watched it this morning at 2 am on TBN.

I couldn’t sleep, again.  For different reasons.  Personal family life is being strained, again, different day but the same reason, and I find myself desperately wanting to isolate myself.  I don’t want to be around people, any people and I don’t want to be responsible for anyone, no one.  I don’t want to make any decisions, not for myself or for anyone else.

When I get like this all I can do is close my eyes and say His name.  Jesus.  Jesus. Jesus…

I don’t know what to pray, or what to pray for.  I hurt, I don’t like where I am at and I just want to be back in His arms.  Jesus, Jesus, Jesus…

So when I couldn’t go back to sleep, I got up, went downstairs, started the coffee and turned the tv on.  My normal stop is Fox News, but not tonight.  I knew I needed something, I needed God.  I turned to TBN and there He was, well, His representation that is.

The Perfect Gift was just what I needed.  Everything I feel about Christmas and decorating and the stress of giving gifts no one can afford melted away as I watched this movie.  And I cried at the last scene.  The little girl saying good-bye, as she hugs Him.  In His arms.

All I have to do is close my eyes.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus…

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I find myself today, and the day before, well, and the day before, needing desperately to be in my Fathers lap.  It is here where I find refuge, safety, love and the renewing power to continue to move forward in a world that seems to pull out all stops to keep me stuck. Thank You Lord for your unending, unconditional love, compassion, grace and mercy.  I love You, and I need You.

Prints are available now!

Open ended print on quality archival paper.
Mounted on foam core board and in high quality protective sleeve.
10″ X 13 3/8″ printed area. Signed by me, the artist!

$25.00 each.  Go to http://carlaschuchman.etsy.com  or just click on the picture below!




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It’s almost the New Year.  As I sit and think about all the other new year eve’s past, I wonder, how could I be sitting in the same place again this year?  I don’t mean financially, that’s ok I suppose, I don’t mean spiritually, that has grown.  I mean in my private family life.  You put this face on, ones that are close, really close, know the truth.  “Everything is fine”, smile, wake up every morning and pull myself together to make a good day.  A day God would be pleased with.  I don’t accomplish that usually, however, I always set out to do so.  When I fall short, which I do, I rise up again and make a go at it again.  I have always been this way. Sure, I have many days that getting out of bed is truely the hardest task.  Yet I always seem to come back around.  It’s not me though, and this I know.  It’s God, it’s Jesus, the Holy Spirit yanking at my heart and encouraging me to keep going.  Sometimes I feel so lost, and he always reminds me that He will always find me.

These last few months have been difficult to say the least and all in all I think I am doing pretty good.  I did ask to walk through everything with His Grace on me.  On one of the days I didn’t get out of bed, the room was very dark despite the fact it was a beautiful sunny day outside.  I had the blinds drawn up about a foot.  As I laid there, trying to talk myself into just a shower, I noticed something, or rather God revealed it to me.  Most of my paintings come that way you see.  There I lay in this room of slate blue tones, and the blinds drawn just enough for the bright sunshine to come through. I could see the winter wore trees, their silhoulettes standing firm in the light.  My mind went to a song I love by Sugerland called I Will Stand Back Up.  There’s this one part that she sings, “and when the darkness tries to get me, there’s a Light that just won’t let me”.  In that He showed me, He won’t let me.  There is a Light that just won’t let me.  I got up, showered and treated myself to another day off.  Only this time, I smiled.  I smiled because He came to me again and reminded me, He is always with me.

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