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Monday Morning Meme at writefromkaren.com

November 10th Questions:

1. Do think it’s okay to bring your own snacks into the movie theater? Why or why not? 

No, I don’t think it’s okay, but I have done it.  It’s not okay because you are actually robbing the theater of some profits.  Much like the music industry has lost out because of all the free (probably not legal) ways to download music.  

2. If someone were following you, would you:
A. Attempt to lose them.
B. Turn around and confront them, asking them what in the heck were they doing??
C. Nothing.
D. Something else (do tell!)

Depending on the circumstances, I would probably B. Turn around and confront them.  If I felt in danger, I would do something else, lead them into something or somewhere that they would look back and say, “Should have stayed away from that one!”

Tell us about a time when you thought someone was following you. (Don’t we all have those stories? I do!)

3. What is your highest level of education? What were/are your thoughts about school? Would you ever consider going back to school? If so, for what? If not, why not?

High School, and working on a PHD in LIFE!  I loved school but wanted to attend an art school.  Family didn’t think that was appropriate so I didn’t go at all.  I rebelled and ended up doing what I wanted to do the whole time.  Well almost, I am working toward that goal!  I go to school everyday!  All I have to do is step out the door and here we go again!

4. Do you order photos online? Do you print your own photos or go someplace to print them off? And do you order photographic gifts too?

I don’t order online, I print my own.  I buy photographic gifts, there’s nothing like giving a memory for a gift.  Just gave one yesterday!


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