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I am so excited to be a winner on Rebecca Parsons Blog: http://cre8tiva.blogspot.com

Go by and read her post.  It was so great.  How do you build your wings?

My Comment:


Carla J Schuchman said…
Happy 3rd!   

How did I build my wings? Yet not fully developed, and perhaps not until I am called home…it is through obedience. Through hearing and hearing through the Word. Through experiences and how I react to each one. Through prayer and asking to spread them. Through love for this is the greatest of all.

I had a dream many years ago, it is still as fresh today as them, I was learning to fly. At first I was scared, not going to far up, clumsy, flapping crazy. But then one morning I arose, I looked around and I knew…..I took off, soaring, I saw the land I live in, I flew to other lands, I soared as High as I could and when I woke I knew I had soared high above it all.

I have not had a dream like that since, but I remember, He came me the Grace and Ability to Soar, not alone, but always with Him.

Love you,

Check out her blog to read all the great comments!

And this is what I won:


I just love it!

Thanks Rebecca!


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Smile and Bless someone today!


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Artwork Sold

I’m so excited!!  I just sold a framed giclee print.  It is numbered and signed.  

Evening Dail

I was taking photographs in my studio, getting ready to set my on line store/gallery up when I had a knock on the door.  It’s all HisTORY from there!

I have one doubled matted and shrink wrapped available: 10/500

I have 4 available not matted, just shrink wrapped: 1, 4, 5, 6/500

I am so humbled.

Thanks God, Jesus, My HS

I love You!

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