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Just landed a wonderful project I am so excited about.  I will keep up up-dated on the progress.  I start Monday!

Here are the samples of the finishes.

This is for the Powder Room.  An aged watermelon tissue.  The vanity, which I don’t have a picture yet is a beautiful corner cabinet and I will be doing a monogram design on the cabinet door.

I didn’t take a great picture of this, bad me, but it’s watermelon venetian highly polished for the Formal Dining Room.

Then this is a three toned venetian, with other secret ingredients, for two large columns entering the Great Room.  It will frame the area magnificently.  The top cap and base cap will be a high gloss black.


I am working with Modello Designs in altering one of their patterns to fit this step which goes into a step down Great Room.  This is so much fun putting this together and the people at Modello Designs are awesome to work with.  I have a habit of altering designs or creating my own to fit an area. They always do a fantastic job.  Here is the pattern and a sneak peek of part of the step.  This will be a challenge to photograph as the step surrounds almost the entire room.  It will be done in a slightly distressed black.

And I am restoring this piece to its original glory.  It will be altered a bit as we don’t have pictures of the top before it was cut.  It was the vanity in the Powder Room.  It is a challenge that I am enjoying working on!



I have also created two other finishes for another upcoming job.  It is so much fun being in the studio and creating again!  As many of you know I have had a very tough year.  Not just economically, but medical issues in my family and tragedy.  I thank our Awesome Lord for giving me wonderful work to help me get back in the game!

Here I am working on those two new finishes and the end product.

Lastly, I finished a project last month which I finished a kitchen island and another awesome cabinet that I got to be creative on.  I was directed by the designer in the look he was after and if I do say so myself, they came out great!  The home is not complete but I will have better photographs when everything is in place!

So yes, I have been trying to stay busy through all the muck.  I appreaciate all the thoughts and prayers sent my family’s way.  My sweet man is having his 4th surgery the first week of November, so please continue to keep us in your prayers.

Prayer works, I am living proof of that!  And I’ll leave you for now with this:

Lord, may I marvel in my creativity the way that You do.

“Most of all, He is the creator.  He created the universe and those who inhabit it; and in creating us, He made us in His own image, so that His personality and capacities are reflected in our minds, bodies and immortal spirits.  So we are, by nature, creators as well.”  Paul M. Johnson


May God Bless and Keep You!




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I have been accepted in the Collectors Cafe Art Gallery!

Three pieces are hanging now and today I got a call that a lovely couple was very interested in one of them.

I am overjoyed!

Here are the three selected now:

Carolina Glory I

Oil on Canvas

24 x 30

Palmetto Pride

Mixed Media

24 x 72

Shadow of a Woman

Acrylic on Canvas

15 x 45

This is a wonderful achievement for me and I thank God for His faithfulness in my life!

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I have finished these two tables.  Here are some pictures!


Thanks for stopping by!

Smile and Bless Someone Today!



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Here are a couple of cute finials I put a finish on last week.  Are they not awesome, wings and all!

100_1667 100_1828











Today I am starting on refinishing two tables.  The finishes are going to be beautiful.  Check back later as I will post work in progress photos!

Thanks for stopping by!

Smile and Bless Someone Today!

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I took an art class from our very own Betsy McDonald at the Island Art Gallery this last week.  A busy week of painting and moving the gallery to it’s new home!

Here are some picks of the class!





I am finishing my paintings today and will try out some frames later.  

They are 16 x 20 Oil

They will be available for purchase at the Island Art Gallery and online http://carlaschuchman.etsy.com

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We are so excited to be moving to a new and better location.  We will be moving to The Village Shops just south of The Hammock Shops on Hwy 17, Pawleys Island.  

I have been there helping owners/artists, Jim Nelson and Betsy McDonald with the renovations and the move.

Here is what you can see so far….



  Here’s Jim peeking out one of the soon to be demo’d rooms….










Here is the back room will all the walls down!  This will be the new classroom.


I believe we will be able to have 10 students in one class!


I am putting together several classes that will be available soon!  




     And some of the possible injuries that can happen during demo…

     I’m okay, but those little birders were just cute.


Then we begin the move….





I’ll bring you more updates soon!

Thanks for stopping in!

Check out my other sites to see what else I am up to……..




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What do you think about having a virtual studio tour?  Post pics or video of your studio in it’s different stages of life.  They do seem to take a life of their own at times, don’t they!?  I will go first!  It’s not fancy, has inadequate light and is usually transforming daily.  Let me know what you think of this idea!  Right now I must go to a Dr’s appointment, but I’ll get started on this when I get back.  

Please leave your comments!

Oh, and remember, Smile and Bless someone Today!

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