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It’s Sunday!  I love going to church!  Finally yesterday I actually got alot accomplished.  It’s amazing that once you get started, half the battle is won.

I am working on finishing new wooden chairs to look old. Also putting together materials for my next project. I did not work on my website, but I thought alot about it, does that count?

I am so blessed to have some work.  I have long periods of time in between projects and should be painting, I always seem to busy myself with something else.  I will share with you the struggles of an artist.  Well, this artist!  Some are able to paint just for the sheer joy of it, all painting should be that way.  For me it became my job, its how I earn a living and I am so glad I get to do what I do.  It’s as if everything in my world has to be just right before I can pick up that paintbrush and create those visions God has given me.  I’m working on that, or should I say We are working on that.  I know I would not be able to do any of this without Him.  He is my reason, He is the why, how and when.  

If only I would catch up!


Below is one of the first paintings God has moved me to paint.  Prints are available!

In My Fathers Lap


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