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It has been a very busy couple of weeks.  All is well in Artsong’s World.

My husband is having major surgery tomorrow, so please keep him in your prayers.

I have been working like crazy, by God’s lead of course, to get work ready for The Island Gallery.  I have put many pieces in there that  you can see on my website and Etsy Shop.  I have added a few new pieces as well.  I am stretching my wings into other areas and it’s been so fun creating new stuff.

Here’s a sample:


and another:



Here is a fun whimsical piece:


These and others will be on the Etsy Shop, http://carlaschuchman.etsy.com  to purchase by tomorrow.

I am working on several other pieces.

And the Big Reveal for my new line will be out in about 2 weeks, so check back!  You are going to love this!

Smile Today and Bless Someone!


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I know I think to much.  I think about everything.  From the moment my brain says, “it’s morning, let’s hit it!”  throughout the entire day.

Since both of my folks have moved on to The higher place, I have discovered more about myself.  That for some reason seems relative.

 Friends, for starters.  You think you are friends with someone only to discover it’s really only superficial.  You have been putting in your heart and soul in the relationship, but the other party, well, left you in the dust.  You just don’t fit anymore.  At first it hurt.  You missed the friendship.  But then you realize time changes all things.  And God has a season for everything.  That season is up and He is moving you on.  You better catch up, but don’t get ahead of Him either.

Easier said than done.  

Then there are those you never thought would be your friends.  There they are.  It’s their time, their season.  Oh and how wonderful it is in new relationships, learning new things, sharing experiences.  I am thankful God has everything under control.  We are made for relationships. Ones that will encourage and uplift us.  Ones that we can pour into as well.  Even though I have been perfectly content to be alone, my family, my work, God has better plans.  He is so cool!

Speaking of work, there is either a lot of it or none at all.  Man these times are sticky!  Right now I find myself putting in a lot of time, wanting to do so much more with my artwork, having to balance everything.  Then there is home life.  Right now I’m staying busy there too.   My husband has recently learned that he has 2 blockages, one in each leg.  100% at that.  Geez, it never ends!  He will have bypass on both legs in March.  Instead of dreading it, we are looking forward to it.  He will be able to walk with no pain, take Sadi Girl walking, play more with the grands.  Yes, it will be good.  Oh, and BTW:  Sadi’s surgery was a success.  No cancer!   Thank You Jesus!


So I’m working, a lot, out of town, Smokey  can’t do much, no driving, no lifting, NO CLEANING, (LOL), his Mom lives with us…….she does almost nothing!  No I mean it, almost nothing.  Yes, she’s older, yes, she can’t do as much as she once could, but SHE DOES NOTHING!  To keep her trying to do things for herself, we ask her to do simple things, like, fix her own plate, put her trash in the trash can and when she seems really motivated, she will water some plants.  She likes to shop, so there is never a problem getting her out!  LOL MORE!  She also likes stuff.  Stuff everywhere.  I don’t like stuff.  I like organization.  Clean, neat, not a lot of STUFF!

I am having a yard sale soon.  As soon as I go through everything, everywhere!  Yesterday some furniture went in the pile.  Oh how wonderful! My Living Room opened up.  The small space looked so big.  First thing Mom says, “I want a rocking chair right here.”  ***sigh**** 

Now I must catch up on office work.  Not including all the computer time I need to catch up on.  I have been wanting to move rooms around in the house and studio, but with the limited time I am here, I just make messes.  It will happen, soon.

I’ll catch up with you  mid-week so check back!  I am moving forward with the new products in the new company.  Clothing, jewelry, tote bags, greeting cards, ACEO cards….  I can’t wait to get my hands in the stuff!  

All things worth while,sometimes, take time to grow.  Relax, don’t rush, live life and smile!  Bless someone today, OKAY!

Love and hugs,


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