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Hello everyone!  

I got this great job building these giant cornices and putting a croc finish on them.

It was a lot of work, things went wrong, things went right, tons of trips to the hardware store for those things I forgot, but all in all, the project was great.  Here’s a slideshow to watch the progress.  Hope you enjoy it, and hey, how about take a moment and leave your comments here!  I’d sure appreciate that!

God Bless Ya and remember Smile and Bless Someone Else Today!


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The project is moving along nicely.  Thank God I asked Him to get involved!

In my last post I showed you the completed, not clean, but completed finishes of the Library and the Dining Room.

Today I present to you the progress and finish of the Theater, Foyer and Powder Rooms!


These next several pictures show the progress of the Theater and Foyer finishes…..


Look, it’s amazing, she’s got fire flowing through her hands……anyone need a healing?  ; )
100_9780Terri is sooo silly….


100_9786The modello …….

100_9791the modello….

100_9794the modello…..

100_9798   100_9802







                                                                                              The mud on the modello………

100_9805                  100_9806







  and the reveal………..







100_9821       100_9822






























and the Powder Rooms!








The Living Room is all that is left to finish.  Walls have a beautiful metallic finish and the Grand Finale’, the Trompe L’oeil over the fireplace.

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Come back to see the finish!

Smile and Bless someone today!






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Hello everyone!

It is beginning to get a little busier around here.  Thank the Lord!  I recently finished a small job in town.  I will have to go back when the house is finished to get higher quality pictures, but here is some basic photos.

Lusterstone Ceiling


Above is a Lusterstone ceiling.  A medallion I gold leafed and antique glazed will be installed with a beautiful light fixture.

Gold Leaf Medallion


Gilding is fun, especially something as ornate as this.  It takes a little time, but as you can see, it’s worth it.

I just started a job that has been in the works for almost a year.  I am so glad to be on this job.  There are going to be so many unique finishes along with a Trompe L’oeil that you will have to check back to see.  I will post updates as I go.  When I got to the job I discovered that two of the rooms had been painted the wrong color.  I made a couple of phone calls, knowing it wasn’t me that had made the mistake, and offered to repaint the correct color for a small fee.  After a bit of research, asking many questions and checking my notes……it was me.  I gave the right color, but the wrong brand.  Geez!  What a great start, right?  Here we are repainting the walls, yeepee!!!



And after a very long day and a half, 3 coats to cover that dark color, we are ready to………..

tape off………..


and start troweling…….I look at little dangerous with that trowel don’t I!


  With a little tweaking, the finished room will be beautiful.  Adding a gorgeous dark colored medallion with gold leaf accents and wah la!  Now, just 5 more projects to go!  I will keep you updated.


Something important to remember, always, always check your notes before you pass any information on to designer or builder.  It will certainly save you a lot of time and headache.  But I’m sure none of you have ever made this error.  It must be an isolated incident on my part.

Yeah right!

See you soon!  And thanks for stopping by!

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